About Us

What is Berglust?

Berglust is an online shop for everyone who loves being outside. We are a lifestyle brand originating in Austria, whose collections are inspired by the beautiful mountains of the Alps.

What does Berglust stand for?

Fun in the mountains

Whether you are looking for adventure or relaxation in the mountains, there is one thing you will always find and that is the fun you feel when you visit them. We want to encourage this fun even further by equipping you with products with cool and fun mountain motifs that can accompany you and your friends on your next tour.

Adventure and challenges

In the mountains you will always encounter challenges that, in some cases, can push you to your own limits. That's exactly what we long for, because where would all the fun be without a small or big adventure? For this purpose too, we are constantly developing new mountain motifs that can be used on our products to help you on your adventures.


We love the mountains and nature and that is why it is particularly important for us to promote a sustainable future. That's why the cotton from which many of our clothing items are produced is 100% organically grown.

We are working full of ambition to make all the items we offer made from sustainably produced materials in the future.

We know how important nature is to the Berglust community. That's why we're trying to develop more and more into a brand that promotes the protection of our beloved nature and thus counteracts the pollution caused by plastic waste, pesticides and other pollutants.

Your satisfaction as a customer

Our vision is to unite people who love the mountains as much as we do and to form the largest mountain lust community in the German-speaking region.

We want you to feel happy as part of the Berglust community. That's why we try to offer you the best service that a small startup can offer. We show this above all through our 100-day exchange policy and our 365-day print guarantee on all print products.