Vacation with the e-bike in Italy

Urlaub mit dem E-Bike in Italien

Vacation with the e-bike in Italy

We believe that the E for E-Bike is synonymous with experience and that a great way to discover the charms of Italy is by bike, whatever the bike! Our e-bike holidays are designed for customers who want to experience the majesty of Italy with a little help from their bike. The new generation of e-bikes allows you to ride further at a pace that is comfortable for you. The perfect vacation for friends, family and all skill levels. So if you've always wanted to cycle in Italy but were put off by the gradients, don't wait any longer, we have the perfect bikes and the perfect routes for you to enjoy every bit of Italy. From the moment you land in beautiful Italy, we will ensure it is an unforgettable cycling trip. From transfers to hand-picked restaurants to the best tour guides in the business, Italy Bike Tours ensures your Italy adventure is a real eye-catcher.

1. Tour through the foothills of the Reitgebirge

The Pedemontana della Reit Tour begins in Bormio in Valtellina and leads through the Stelvio National Park.

The route starts near the thermal baths of Bagni Nuovi and initially leads along a wide, unpaved forest path, which is easy to manage with a little help, but it is advisable to save some energy for the following climbs! It is possible to take a short detour and visit the characteristic Gesa Rota: after a few kilometers the route becomes a singletrack that leads through a magnificent larch forest. After leaving the forest behind you, you reach a plain with the Cresta della Reit, an impressive rock face made of limestone and dolomite with an irregular profile. It's time for some steep and technical climbs, which you can easily climb with your Neuron:ON by setting the EP8 to Boost Assist mode.

You can extend the route and explore Val Zebrù, a glacial valley only accessible on foot or by mountain bike via a road built during the First World War. Here you can enjoy a typical Veltliner meal in one of the huts, surrounded by the untouched nature of the Stelvio Pass. Return on the same road to continue the route. The excursion ends in the center of Bormio.

2. Bear Trails

In Trentino, between the Paganella, which towers over the Adige Valley, and the spectacular Brenta Dolomites, lies the Paganella plateau. The area has numerous sports facilities that connect the three main centers: Molveno with its beautiful lake, Andalo and Fai della Paganella. Here you will find a mountain biker's paradise, offering flow, all-mountain and enduro trails. The park is known by many riders with their enduro and downhill bikes. In the last year, electric bikes have become increasingly popular and it is not uncommon to find these models on the route: the entire area is equipped with charging stations. The new E-MTBs from Canyon cover all types of mountain biking: The Torque:ON is the perfect companion for fun on the enduro routes of the Bear Trails, Dolomiti Paganella Bike.

The route passes through all the villages and reaches a maximum altitude of 2 on the Cima Paganella.125 m. Thanks to the ski lifts you can reach over 4.000 meters downhill and only about 1.000 meters uphill, a total of 59 km. You can also split the ride as many of the lifts connect multiple slopes. With the e-bike you can even skip the lifts and cycle to the summit.

This enduro tour is only suitable for experienced riders. Detailed information about the costs of the lifts, timetables and maps can be found on the official Dolomiti Paganella Bike website.

3. Torricelle Verona

When CLLCTV ambassador Andrea Maranelli visited us at Canyon Italia headquarters, he tried out the classic lunchtime ride for our team's enduro riders: the Torricelle. Although this route is not as scenic as the others, due to its proximity to the historic center of Verona we can recommend it to anyone who is in the area.

Andrea had a lot of fun in the office with the new Spectral:ON and Torque:ON, which are equipped with Shimano EP8 motors. With the right bike and some impressive skills, any terrain becomes the perfect playground! Today we show you a version of the route that includes a fast and not too technical descent to Grezzana. Of course, if you have more time, we recommend you ride a little further and enjoy Americani or explore the many enduro tracks in the Lugo area. The starting point is in Borgo Venezia, where you immediately turn onto Via delle Torricelle. After a few kilometers you reach the first steep climb in Poiano. You cross the Valpantena and reach Grezzana, where you take the Chernobyl descent. It is a short but very pleasant descent, a fast singletrack in the forest that is not too technical, gentle and with many bends. From here it's all downhill, apart from a few short climbs near Quinto. The route leads back to Poiano and via Via Biondella back to Borgo Venezia.

Recommended route for all mountain bikers, tested and approved by our team. This tour is recommended by Alessandro, Canyon Italy Account Manager.

4. Piombino Enduro

This tour touches on some of the highlights between Populonia and Piombino. Straight lines and boredom are a foreign word for trail builder Matteo. Some demanding and steep climbs follow each other almost faster than you can shift gears, and the only short break is when the path suddenly drops to the rocky shore of a small bay. After a few kilometers along the coast you reach the ancient city of Piombino, where you can have a nice lunch break with typical Italian food.

The wooded area is criss-crossed by numerous beautiful cycle paths, which have something to offer for every type of bike and every riding ability. The route can be extended as desired. The loop can also be shortened as necessary: ​​the old gravel road from Piombino to Populonia is usually the fastest and always the easiest route. Tuscany-Bike also offers bike shuttles and hikes.

A route worth visiting at any time of the year; A special feature is the breathtaking view of the sea and the fun uphill and downhill sections where you can enjoy your time with your e-MTB.

5. Altomontana Etna

Etna is the highest active volcano in Europe and always offers impressive and spectacular images, such as:b in his recent outbursts. If you are in this part of Sicily, don't miss the opportunity to go around Mount Etna. The Pista Altomontana is an open route that starts at Rifugio Sapienza on 2.000 meters altitude begins. If you want to ride the entire route, you can opt for an E-MTB and tackle the inclines more easily. The route can be tackled with any type of MTB, including a hardtail: the Grand Canyon:ON is the right bike for this route.

The route is maintained at high altitude and runs along several slopes of the volcano. It is therefore a very scenic route that offers a wide view of Catania and the sea. It leads past several huts that are ideal for a break and a rest. The path is always well signposted and very wide, making it easy to navigate. With the electric bike you will cross different landscapes and get an incredible view of the nature and biodiversity of this park. You cross a lava desert, a magnificent beech forest, see old and new lava flows (like the impressive flow of 2002) as well as old and extinct craters.

The best season for this tour is spring, summer or autumn. For more information about these and other cycling routes in this part of Sicily, see the MTB workshop adventure "The Volcanic MTB Reference".

6. Electric bike tour in Tuscany

Seven days of e-bike vacation where you can experience Tuscany in all its splendor. Active, entertaining and a feast for the taste buds, experience a festival that awakens the soul. From Lucca to Radicofani you follow the Via Francigena, an ancient cobbled road that connects small medieval villages and towns with rich art and history.

Your e-bike will be equipped with soft bags, we will only carry the essentials on the bike, with the traveler in mind and in the interest of the environment by avoiding the exhaust fumes of the van that transports the luggage. Every day we will breathe in new aromas and discover Tuscany in a crescendo of impressions that will make you fall in love with Tuscany.

80% of the route runs on unpaved roads and paths through the Tuscan countryside, far away from traffic. Only short sections are asphalted and lead along side roads. Thanks to the powerful electric bikes, the hilly route is easy to manage even for those with less fitness.

1. Day - From Lucca to San Miniato

After preparing the bike and briefing on the tour, including safety rules, we set off for this first flat stage, characterized by the numerous historical and religious buildings along the way. We start with a beautiful walk along the city walls of Lucca, then we see the Pieve di Capannori, the Badia di Pozzeveri, the church of S. Jacopo and the historic center of Altopascio. Overnight stay in a farmhouse in San Miniato.

2. Day - From San Miniato to San Gimignano

A really wonderful route. Shortly after San Miniato, the road winds along the ridges of the Val d'Elsa hills and enchants with its extraordinary beauty. It is also interesting to visit the Sanctuary of Pancole. Arriving in San Gimignano by bike is spectacular as it takes place along a small road and the medieval towers surprise with their timeless charm. A stroll through the city is a must. You spend the night in a farmhouse in San Gimignano.

3. Day - San Gimignano to Siena

You have just left San Gimignano and would like to look back to admire the city before it disappears behind the hills. Suddenly Monteriggioni with its legendary tower crown appears behind a small hill. The road to the castle is interspersed with ascents and descents and connects a series of ancient villages where time seems to have stood still. The entry into Siena is triumphant, truly exciting. We walk the last few meters to Piazza del Campo to fully enjoy the excitement. What a conquest! We spend the night in a country house on the outskirts of Siena.

4. Day - From Siena to Asciano by bike along the famous white Eroica road

The landscape changes again; we are in the realm of unpaved roads and the famous Crete Senesi. The landscape is enchanting with the colors of the earth and sky, the gentle lines of the valleys and the rows of cypress trees that decorate the white streets that seem to have been designed by a painter. Here we are in the heart of Tuscany. We spend the night in a farmhouse in the hills above Siena.

5. Day - From Asciano to Rapolano Terme

After 4 days of hard work on the pedals, this day is dedicated to relaxation. The stage is short: it is only 10 kilometers to Rapolano Terme. Sunbathing, thermal baths and a good book to regain your strength. Overnight stay in a farmhouse

6. Day - From Rapolano Terme to San Quirico D'Orcia

Nice stop in the historic center of Buonconvento. Then more white roads to San Quirico D'Orcia. Overnight stay in a farmhouse

7. Day - From San Quirico D'Orcia to Radicofani

The final stage of this route continues to offer incredible surprises. Bagno Vignoni is amazing. This timeless town is characterized by a large, very old thermal bath that occupies almost the entire central square. The climb to Radicofani offers breathtaking views and is the final act of this ecological cycling tour. Return to Florence by private minibus.

7. Easyrider e-bike in Emilia

It's time to invest in yourself and book a cycling holiday full of wellness, good food and even better wine. Enjoy the pleasure of riding your e-bike while stretching your legs under the table at an exclusive lunch spot reserved just for us. Did we mention the excellent wine? This is a perfect vacation for guests of all ages and is particularly popular with families and friends. The locals have hospitality in their DNA, and you will experience that in every way on this trip.


Upon arrival at the airport you will be met by our friendly staff who will help you with your luggage and take you to our excellent hotel in Cattolica, a famous seaside resort in beautiful Emilia-Romagna. Cattolica is the perfect choice to explore the region's most scenic routes while staying in a hotel. Once you've gotten used to it, we'll take you on a test drive and make all the necessary settings. Adjusting pedals, lights, saddle, etc. is our job and not yours. We'll show you how to use your electric bike and take our first ride along the beautiful coast. Before dinner we will all meet for a welcome cocktail with our staff and introduce you to the exquisite sparkling wines of Romagna.


After a good night's sleep and a fantastic breakfast, it's time to explore the rolling hills and their fairytale castles. You will quickly understand why we love riding here so much. If ever there was a star system for great bike paths, the Via Belvedere deserves five. This is truly a ride with a view. We have lunch with our friend Andrea Carlini, a passionate winemaker and married to a fantastic cook. Make yourself comfortable in its beautiful garden, taste its fantastic wines and enjoy its delicious home-cooked food. On the return journey via the "Panorama Road" you will stop to photograph the breathtaking views of the Adriatic Sea.

3. Tag: PESARO

Today we can expect a mixture of nature, history, culture and gastronomic delights, framed by beautiful views of the coast. We drive through the Marche region on beautiful, quiet roads to Pesaro, the hometown of the composer Rossini. You spend the night at the opera and admire Pavarotti's opulent villa. A must for a coffee with a twist is the Bar del Porto, where the famous Caffè Moretta was invented. On the way back from Pesaro we come to the Monte San Bartolo Regional Park with its rich flora and fauna, which we can explore along the beautiful panoramic road with its breathtaking views.


The smallest - and one of the oldest - republics in the world are strategically built on an imposing cliff and offer 360* views that are rightly considered a must-see. The beautiful tour in San Marino initially leads along the river, here you will appreciate your e-bikes. Then enjoy the fantastic climb that rewards you with entering the cobbled streets of San Marino on your bike. We have enough time to explore the beautiful old town, shop duty-free (our van takes everything away) and enjoy a well-deserved lunch. Enjoy the sea breeze and views on the drive back down the hill.


Before we reach Rimini by bike, some important Roman relics, such as the Tiberius Bridge, are waiting to show us their splendor. As we will see, Rimini is also the birthplace of the famous film director Federico Fellini. As you head inland, you'll notice that every hill has its own medieval village with a castle, and we've picked the best one for you: Verucchio, the city of art and wine! You'll feel like you're riding a Piero della Francesca painting. No visit to Verucchio is complete without lunch at the famous Oste del Castello, which offers breathtaking views of the area. If you want to cycle a little further, you can visit with our guide the incredible San Leo, which is perched on a huge cliff and can only be reached via a road carved into the rock. We cycle along picturesque roads back to our hotel. A final stop in Sant'Arcangelo, a beautiful medieval hilltop village where time stands still. The village is built on a network of mysterious tuff caves, which, as we will see, are very interesting.


We've already gotten used to our electric bikes, so the ride to the beautiful Unesco-listed city of art and wine is a breeze. Urbino is a perfect example of Renaissance architecture, and walking through the historic center is like traveling back to the 15th century. century. Here you can literally immerse yourself in art writ large, starting with Raphael, one of the great Italian masters who was born here. Many of his works can be seen in the Vatican Palace. On the relaxing return journey along quiet country roads you have beautiful views of the landscape. Back at the hotel you can relax and get ready for the surprise dinner in a magical setting surrounded by the sea.


Everything has an end, but what an end! If you want, you can climb up to Fiorenzuola via the panoramic road to enjoy a breathtaking sunrise and the best cappuccino. After returning to the hotel, taking a refreshing shower and checking out, it's time to say goodbye. If you don't want to explore this beautiful area further, your guides will be happy to help you arrange transport to the airport or train station: bon voyage!

8. E-Bike Italy The best lakes

The truth is that Italians are unashamed masters of sophistication. This can be seen in the northern lakes with magnificent villas along Lake Garda, Lake Como and Lake Iseo. Cycling is fun and accessible on the endless bike paths and quiet roads along the lakes. All lakes offer a varied experience on and off the bike. The splendor and luxury of Lake Garda, the breathtaking beauty of Lake Como and the sobriety with which the residents of Lake Iseo live their daily lives can be enjoyed on this cycle tour of a lifetime.This is a holiday for cyclists who enjoy life on the bike as much as life off the bike. It is ideal for couples, groups or individuals who want to make new friends over a glass of good Italian wine. As with all of our trips and as a hallmark of our service, you can expect to find the “real” Italy. You can only find this by traveling with local experts whose passion for Italy is matched by a desire to share the joys of Europe's most beautiful country.

1. Day

After your arrival at the airport, you will be met by one of our friendly staff and taken to the southern end of Lake Garda (towards the east). Desenzano is rightly considered one of the jewels in the crown of Lake Garda. The Palace Hotel is the perfect place to relax and unwind after a long journey.

We are at your disposal to test your bike and make the necessary adjustments. The assembly of pedals, lighting, saddles, etc. is our job and not yours. We will show you how easy it is to use an electric bike. In the late afternoon we set off on our first tour on the western side of Lake Garda. Our destination is San Felice, a small fishing village above Sirmione. This beautiful ride is the perfect start to your trip.


After a restful night and a good breakfast, today we drive along the coastal road to Bardolino. On the way there we pass through Sirmione, which we visit in the afternoon for an ice cream and a stroll through the old town.

Today's route is largely flat and takes you through some of the most attractive areas of eastern Lake Garda. Highlights include Peschiera and Cisano.We'll stop for a cappuccino along the way, and our staff will be happy to show you how to drink coffee (the Italian way!). Upon arrival in Bardolino, you'll have the opportunity to shower and change before having time to stroll around the town and soak up the Italian sunshine.


This morning we take the short transfer from Desenzano to Lake Iseo, home of Italy Bike Tours. A place so blessed with its beauty and tranquility that you will surely come back. After arriving at the Hotel Araba Fenice, you will have time to unpack your belongings and perhaps take a dip in the pool or even the lake.

Our ride today is the longest of the week, but in many ways the easiest. Little traffic, flat roads and the best cycle paths in Europe - that's what makes a good cycling holiday. We would be happy to show you why Lake Iseo is considered Italy's best-kept secret. Lovere, a town synonymous with the Giro d'Italia, is definitely our stop for a coffee.Of all the northern lakes, Lake Iseo is the best for cyclists of all levels.

4. Day

Breakfast overlooking Lake Iseo and free time in the morning to explore the market in the center of Iseo. An opportunity to observe Italian life, untouched by mass tourism and retaining many of the good things in life. A life that many of us long for in our busy and cluttered lives. Iseo is famous for the first statue of Garibaldi, erected at the turn of the century in 1900. The First World War and the Roman Empire also play an important role in the history of the place.

Today's tour is fantastic. We drive south of Iseo towards the wine region of Franciacorta. It's hard to imagine two more contrasting areas for cycling (Lake Iseo and Franciacorta). In 10 minutes we leave the shores of the lake and drive through endless vineyards with some of the most famous names in Italian winemaking. A visit to our favorite canteen Barone Pizzini, combined with a laugh at Barbar Santa Gulia, make this day an unforgettable experience.

5. Day

This morning we take the shuttle to our destination for the week at Lake Como. On the way we stop for lunch in Bergamo Città Alta. Anyone who knows the city knows that it is a must when visiting Lombardy. We have plenty of time to explore the city and shop for souvenirs, and it's a good opportunity to hit the pause button in the middle of your vacation - why not take the cable car up to the castle overlooking Milan?

Arrived at the Hotel Barchetta, the bikes are unloaded and in the late afternoon we head north along the western shore of Lake Como. After a short climb from Como, the road towards our destination Argegno is largely flat. We thought we could grab some ice cream on the way, but that's up to each individual. Those looking for a greater challenge on the way back can tackle a short climb towards the Swiss border.

6. Day

After the usual good breakfast, we will take you and your bikes to the eastern part of Lake Como. Our destination and starting point is Malgrate. A beautiful town with a view of the great Lecco. From Malgrate we take the coastal road to Bellagio. Bellagio needs no introduction and we can be sure we will have plenty of time to explore one of the richest areas in Italy.

No trip to Lake Como is complete without a boat ride, and today is no exception. We make the short drive across the lake to Cadenabbia, cell phone in hand to take photos! The journey back to Como along the west bank will feel familiar as we pass through Argegno again.

7. Day

All good things must come to an end and this morning it is with a heavy heart and an emotional farewell that we will take you to your next destination as agreed before your arrival.

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