The Valley of the Wild Endert: A hiking paradise in Germany

The Valley of the Wild Endert: A hiking paradise in Germany

The mountains are calling! And for everyone who loves the sound of the water, the scent of the forests and the silence of nature, there is hardly anything more beautiful than a hike through the Wilden Endert valley. This valley, located in the picturesque region around Cochem, offers an unforgettable natural experience.

A walk through the valley

The hike through the Wilden Endert valley extends over an impressive length of 20.9 kilometers and takes hikers over a total of 489 meters in altitude. During the first half of the route you walk along wide field paths, which offer beautiful views but can seem a bit monotonous in their route. But that shouldn't deter hikers, because as we all know, the best comes last.

The heart: The Valley of the Wild Endert

In the second half of the hike the picture changes suddenly. Here you enter the actual Wilden Endert valley. Spectacular rock formations line the path, while a babbling stream provides atmospheric acoustics. Narrow paths wind through the landscape and always offer new, breathtaking views. It's like immersing yourself in another world, far away from everyday stress and the hustle and bustle of the big city.

Tips for the hike

For everyone who wants to explore the Wilden Endert valley, there are a few tips that will make the trip even more enjoyable. First of all, good footwear is essential. The narrow paths and uneven surfaces can be slippery, so a firm footing is important. There are also various mills along the way that invite you to stop off and offer the opportunity to fortify yourself with regional specialties.

If you want to avoid the first, more monotonous part of the hike, you can also travel with two cars and organize the hike as a stage tour. So you can start directly in the picturesque part of the valley and enjoy the full nature experience.


The Wilden Endert valley is a real highlight for all nature and hiking lovers. The combination of impressive rock formations, idyllic streams and narrow paths makes the hike an unforgettable experience. And although the first part of the route may be a bit monotonous, you will be rewarded for your efforts once you reach the valley itself. An excursion that will be remembered and leave you wanting more!