The secret of the waterway: A picturesque path in Hückeswagen

The secret of the waterway: A picturesque path in Hückeswagen

The mountains are calling! And for many, that means lacing up their hiking boots and heading out. One of these trails that has recently gained popularity is the water trail in Hückeswagen. But what makes this path so special?

A brief overview

The waterway, also known as the mountain foray number two, is a scenic path that stretches a distance of just 4.3 kilometers. With a minimal elevation gain of just 20 meters, this trail is ideal for beginners and anyone looking for a relaxing walk in nature.

The journey begins

The starting point of the waterway is in the picturesque town of Hückeswagen. From here the path leads through a variety of landscapes that make every hiker's heart beat faster. Throughout the hike you will be accompanied by the soothing melody of flowing water, which gives the path its appropriate name.

The highlights of the waterway

Although the waterway is short, it is not lacking in impressive sights. One of the main attractions of this trail is the dam. Surrounded by trees whose leaves glow in the warmest tones of autumn, the dam is a breathtaking sight. It is a place where you can stop for a moment and take in the beauty of nature.

In addition to the natural beauty, the waterway also features informative information boards that give hikers interesting insights into the area and its history. These boards are not only educational, but also a welcome change on the way.

Some considerations

Although the water route offers many advantages, there are also some things to keep in mind. Firstly, although the path is called a hiking trail, it is more of a walk. Most of the trail is on wide, gravel or paved paths, which makes it less challenging.

Secondly, the waterway can be quite crowded, especially on weekends. It can happen that you only find a few moments of peace without being surrounded by other hikers. Therefore, it might be a good idea to visit the waterway during the week when there are fewer people around.


The waterway in Hückeswagen is undoubtedly a gem for anyone who loves nature. With its picturesque landscape and informative information boards, it offers a perfect combination of beauty and education. Although it has some disadvantages, such as the possibility of crowds and its short distance, the advantages it offers are too numerous to ignore. For anyone looking for a relaxing walk in nature, the waterway in Hückeswagen is a must.