The magic of the Forest Myth Trail: A journey through the Bergisches Land

The magic of the Forest Myth Trail: A foray through the Bergisches Land

The Bergisches Land, known for its picturesque landscapes and deep forests, is home to some of the most beautiful hiking trails in Germany. One of these paths is the Forest Myths Trail, a path that impresses not only with its natural beauty, but also with the stories and myths that surround it.

A foray through Waldbröl

The Waldmythenweg, also known as the Bergische Streifzug number 23, leads through the charming town of Waldbröl. This trail offers hikers the opportunity to experience the diversity of nature, from dense forests to open landscapes with breathtaking views.

The first steps

At the beginning of the trail, hikers are greeted by wider paths, some of which are made of gravel and asphalt. But once these sections are behind you, the path opens up to an idyllic mixed forest in which fir and deciduous trees grow in harmony with each other. It is this change from open to forested areas that makes the Forest Myth Trail so special.

Myths and Legends

During the hike you will meet various characters from old legends. From Robin Hood, the famous English robber and archer, to giants who are friendly and gentle despite their size. These encounters give the trail a magical atmosphere and immerse hikers in a world where fantasy and reality merge.

Insights into nature

The forest myth trail not only offers stories and legends, but also deep insights into nature. Information boards and audio stations along the path provide valuable information about the forest and its inhabitants. These stations are not only informative but also interactive, making learning about the environment a fun experience.

The highlight of the hike

A special highlight of the Waldmythenweg is the Panarbora treetop path. From here, hikers can enjoy breathtaking views of the entire surrounding area. It is a place where you can stop and fully enjoy the beauty of nature.


The Waldmythenweg is a unique hiking trail that impresses with both its natural beauty and the stories and legends that surround it. Despite some sections that lead over wider and paved paths, the majority of the trail is idyllic and offers hikers an escape from everyday life. With its information boards, audio stations and the Panarbora treetop path, the Waldmythenweg offers an all-round successful hiking experience.

So if you are looking for a hiking trail that offers both the beauty of nature and the magic of old legends, you should definitely visit the Waldmythenweg in the Bergisches Land.