The magic of the trails: An adventure in the minds of the Brandenburg region

The magic of the trails: An adventure in the minds of the Brandenburg region

The mountains are calling! And for many adventurers, that means lacing up their hiking boots and heading out. The Ruhr area, especially Gevelsberg, offers a variety of hiking trails waiting to be explored. One of these paths is the trail over the Märkischen heads, a path that is not only impressive because of its length of 10.7 kilometers, but also because of the over 400 meters of altitude that have to be overcome.

A path that lives up to its name

The name “trail” may sound simple, but it describes exactly what awaits hikers on this path. It is a narrow path that winds through dense forests and offers hikers a true nature experience. Most of the trail passes through shady wooded areas, making it an ideal choice for sunny and hot days. The cool forest passages offer protection from the scorching sun and ensure a comfortable hiking pace.

Tips for a successful hike

As with any hike, it is important to be well prepared. There are a few special tips for the trail over the Märkisch peaks that can help hikers get the most out of their adventure:

  • Choose a sunny day: The dense forest passages offer plenty of shade, which is particularly advantageous on hot days.
  • Long trousers recommended: There are some pathless passages on the trail. Long pants can help prevent scratches and cuts from thorny plants.

Criticism and highlights

No hiking trail is perfect, and the trail over the Märkischen heads is no exception. Some hikers may find the trail a bit monotonous as there are few viewpoints and the majority of the hike is through the forest. It is important to note that this is an urban forest, which means that you will often meet other people on wider paths.

But despite these small points of criticism, the trail also has many highlights to offer. One of the most notable is the war memorial that hikers pass. It serves as a quiet reminder and offers a moment of reflection in the middle of nature.


The trail over the Märkischen heads is a must for every hiking lover in the Ruhr area. With its narrow paths, dense forests and historical sights, it offers a unique hiking experience. Although the path has its challenges, the rewards it offers are worth every effort. So, lace up your hiking boots and get going!