The magic of the Bergisch trails: discovery of the Gelpesteig

The magic of the Bergisch trails: discovery of the Gelpesteig

The mountains are calling! And for those who love the sound of the wind, the sound of the water and the feel of earth beneath their feet, there's nothing better than a hike through the scenic trails of the Bergisches Land in Germany.

A look at the Gelpesteig

The Gelpesteig is one of these hidden treasures in the Bergisches Land. At 8.5 miles (13.9 km) this trail offers a challenge for both beginners and experienced hikers. The ascent and descent of 420 meters each make your heart beat faster and your legs work. But the effort is worth it! The views, the sounds and the pure mountain air are the perfect reward.

What makes Gelpesteig so special?

Apart from its impressive length and elevation differences, the Gelpesteig offers a variety of landscapes and terrains. From dense forests to open fields, from tranquil streams to cascading waterfalls, this trail has something for everyone.

When and where start?

The Gelpesteig, located near Wuppertal, is a good choice at any time of year. Whether in spring when the flowers are blooming, in summer when the sun is shining, in autumn when the leaves are falling, or in winter when the world is bathed in white - every season offers a unique experience.

The starting point for this hike is Holthauser Straße in 42369 Wuppertal. From here, hikers can follow the well-marked paths and look forward to an unforgettable adventure.


The Bergisches Land, with its scenic trails and breathtaking views, is a paradise for outdoor enthusiasts. The Gelpesteig is just one of many paths waiting to be discovered. So, lace up your hiking boots and get going!