The magic of the Eifel: Discover the EifelLoop Milky Way

The magic of the Eifel: Discover the EifelLoop Milky Way

The Eifel, a region known for its breathtaking nature, rolling hills and picturesque landscapes. But off the beaten path, there are hidden treasures just waiting to be discovered. One of these treasures is the Eifel Loop Milky Way, a route that impresses not only with its beauty but also with its uniqueness.

A walk through history

The EifelLoop Milky Way begins near the Steinfeld Monastery, a historic place that has existed for centuries. This monastery is not only a testimony to history, but also a place of peace and reflection. A short section of forest continues from here, which impresses with its cool shade, especially on warm days.

Pure nature: fields, meadows and animals

After the forest, the landscape opens up and offers a view of extensive fields and meadows. Cows, horses and even some alpacas graze peacefully here. A sight that makes every nature lover's heart beat faster. But it's not just the animals that make this section of the route so special. There are numerous information boards along the way that provide interesting information about dairy farming and agriculture in general. An educational excursion, especially for younger explorers.

Forest paths and further discoveries

The second half of the EifelLoop Milchweg offers further impressive natural experiences. Forest paths invite you to dream and offer the opportunity to relax. If you want to discover even more, you can take a detour to the EifelSpur Heide Heimat and explore other forest paths.

Tips for the perfect trip

There are a few tips for everyone who wants to get the most out of their trip on the EifelSchleife Milchweg. A visit to Steinfeld Monastery at the start of the tour is an absolute must. The historic architecture and peaceful atmosphere make this place very special. And if you need a little refreshment after the hike, you will find some places to stop at Steinfeld Monastery.

Conclusion: A trip for the whole family

The EifelLoop Milky Way is more than just a hiking route. It is an experience for young and old. The combination of nature, history and learning makes this excursion something very special. Although some parts of the route may seem a bit monotonous, this is more than made up for by the variety of animals and informative panels along the way. Overall, the EifelSchleife Milchweg is a tour that was rated four out of ten points, but is still worth a visit.

The Eifel has a lot to offer, and the EifelLoop Milky Way is just one of the many treasures waiting to be discovered. So lace up your hiking boots and set off to experience the magic of the Eifel for yourself.