The magic of hiking: discovering the Eifel loop

The magic of hiking: discovering the Eifel loop

The mountains are calling and nature beckons with its incomparable beauty. In the middle of this picturesque landscape lies the EifelSchleife, a hiking trail that makes the heart of every outdoor enthusiast beat faster.

A walk through the Eifel loop

The EifelSchleife, located in the picturesque surroundings of Ripsdorf, offers a route of 10.8 kilometers that leads through breathtaking landscapes. At only 120 meters in altitude, this trail is suitable for both beginners and experienced hikers.

During the hike you will be accompanied by wide views and clear blue skies. This combination creates an unforgettable atmosphere and makes hiking a real pleasure. The surroundings in the Lambs part are particularly impressive, enchanting with their natural beauty.

Highlights of the hike

The Eifel Loop not only offers beautiful landscapes, but also some remarkable highlights. The picturesque Lampard Valley with its babbling streams offers an idyllic backdrop that invites you to linger. Another highlight is the Hüne Werk, a place that impresses with its unique view. And finally, the mountain property offers breathtaking panoramic views that make every hiker's heart beat faster.

Tips for the hike

Although the EifelSchleife offers mostly easy-to-walk paths, there are a few things you should keep in mind. It is advisable to do the hike when the weather is clear to enjoy the best views. You should also pay attention to the fact that the GPS track and the signs may differ in some places. But don't worry, there are many paths that lead back to the starting point.

Some portions of the trail may be paved, which may be less appealing to some hikers. Nevertheless, the positive aspects of this hike far outweigh the negatives. For those who are looking for a relaxed and enjoyable hiking experience, the Eifel Loop is just the thing.


The Eifel Loop is a true treasure for all hiking lovers. With its picturesque landscapes, impressive viewpoints and easy-to-walk paths, it offers an unforgettable hiking experience. It is a place where you can leave the worries of everyday life behind and enjoy the beauty of nature to the fullest.