The fascination of the Three Towers Trail in the Ruhr area

The fascination of the Three Towers Trail in the Ruhr area

The Ruhr area, known for its industrial history, also offers nature lovers unique experiences. One such experience is the Three Towers Trail in Hagen, which takes hikers through picturesque landscapes and to impressive viewpoints.

Insights into the Three Towers Path

The Three Towers Trail stretches over a length of around 12 kilometers and climbs 270 meters in altitude. Although the trail leads through the densely populated Ruhr area, it offers hikers the opportunity to enjoy nature while learning about the region's industrial history.

The challenges of the path

As with every hike, there are challenges to overcome. Some parts of the trail are not particularly spectacular, and sometimes the signage can be confusing. It is advisable to equip yourself with a GPS track to ensure that you do not go astray.

The Three Towers: Landmarks of the Way

The three towers that give the path its name are undoubtedly the highlights of the hike. Each of these towers tells its own story and offers a unique view of the surrounding area. Unfortunately, due to certain circumstances, not all towers may be accessible at all times. Nevertheless, they are impressive landmarks that reflect the character of the Ruhr area.

Nature meets industrial history

While much of the path leads through natural landscapes, some sections are reminiscent of the Ruhr area's industrial past. This combination of nature and industry makes the Three Towers Trail a unique experience.


The Three Towers Trail offers hikers the opportunity to experience the Ruhr area from a new perspective. Despite some challenges, it is a worthwhile adventure for anyone who loves nature and history. However, it is important to be well prepared and keep up to date with current conditions.

The Ruhr area has much more to offer than just industry. The Three Towers Trail is a perfect example of how nature and history can go hand in hand to create an unforgettable hiking experience.