The fascination of the Tatzelwurmweg: An adventure in Kobern-Gondorf

The fascination of the Tatzelwurmweg: An adventure in Kobern-Gondorf

The mountains and valleys, the fresh air and the feeling of freedom - hiking in the mountains is an incomparable experience for many. One of these special paths is the Tatzelwurmweg in Kobern-Gondorf, which impresses with its unique landscape and breathtaking views.

A path full of surprises

The Tatzelwurmweg extends over a length of 7.4 kilometers and takes hikers over around 230 meters in altitude. The starting point of this adventure is in Kobern-Gondorf, a picturesque town on the Moselle. From here the path winds through narrow forest paths that wind up the mountain to Rosenberg. There, hikers have an impressive view that makes every nature lover's heart beat faster.

The ups and downs of the Tatzelwurmweg

As with many hikes, there are sections on the Tatzelwurmweg that are particularly challenging. The steep climb at the beginning may be strenuous for some, but the effort is rewarded with beautiful narrow paths and breathtaking views. This strenuous part is followed by a somewhat more monotonous middle part, which mainly leads along wide field paths. But the true beauty of the path becomes apparent in the last section, where hikers are once again rewarded with narrow paths and impressive views of the Moselle valley.

Tips for an unforgettable hiking experience

To get the most out of the Tatzelwurmweg, we recommend doing the hike in spring or early summer, when the fields are in full bloom and the landscape is particularly inviting. There are also other hiking trails worth seeing in the Kobern-Gondorf area, such as the Koberner Burgpfad or the Moselsteig. For those looking for a little more adventure, there are also some exciting via ferratas to discover in Kobern-Gondorf.


The Tatzelwurmweg in Kobern-Gondorf is a true gem for all hiking enthusiasts. Despite some challenging sections and monotonous dirt roads, the trail offers a variety of impressive views and unique natural experiences. The combination of narrow paths, breathtaking views of the Moselle valley and historical sights such as the Niederburg or the Matthias Chapel make this hike an unforgettable experience.