The fascination of the Juniper Trail: A Bergisch ramble

The fascination of the Juniper Trail: A Bergisch foray

The mountains and valleys of Germany offer numerous opportunities for outdoor activities. One of these impressive routes is the Wacholderweg, part of the Bergisches Streifzug. This path leads through the picturesque landscape of North Rhine-Westphalia and offers hikers a unique experience.

A brief overview of the Wacholderweg

The Wacholderweg stretches over a distance of 5.5 km and offers both ascents and descents totaling 166 meters. Although the route is not particularly long, it still offers a rating of 4 out of 10 points, indicating its medium difficulty.

The beauty of the juniper heath

The route leads through the Oberbergische Wacholderheide near Eckenhagen. The juniper heath is known for its picturesque landscapes and the characteristic juniper bushes that give the region its name. This heathland landscape not only offers breathtaking views, but also rich flora and fauna to discover.

Starting point of the hike

The hike begins at Landwehrstraße 28 in 51580 Reichshof. From here, hikers can follow the well-marked trails and fully enjoy the beauty of the region.

A foray through the Bergisches Land

The Bergisches Land, in which the Wacholderweg is located, is known for its green hills, deep valleys and historical sites. The region offers a variety of hiking trails, of which the Juniper Trail is just one. Each of these trails offers a unique experience and the opportunity to discover the natural beauty of Germany.


The Juniper Trail is more than just a hiking trail. It is a journey through the history, culture and nature of the Bergisches Land. Although the route is not particularly long, it still offers a wealth of experiences and memories that hikers will treasure for a lifetime. For anyone who wants to discover the real Germany off the beaten path, the Wacholderweg is a must.