The fascination of the Eifel: In the footsteps of the Romans

The fascination of the Eifel: In the footsteps of the Romans

The Eifel, a region rich in history and natural beauty, offers hikers and nature enthusiasts unique experiences. One of these special routes is the “Eifel Loop At the Time of the Romans”.

A walk through time

The Eifel Loop takes hikers on an 11.8 kilometer long journey that not only goes through picturesque landscapes, but also through time. With a climb of 273 meters, the route offers breathtaking views and insights into the region's impressive Roman history.

Discover the diversity of the Eifel

The hike begins with narrow forest paths that immerse the hiker in the silence and tranquility of nature. But it's not just the natural beauty that makes this route so special. Along the way you will come across remains of Roman water pipes from ancient times, which testify to the extensive presence and influence of the Romans in this region.

The middle of the route: wide fields and distant views

After leaving the dense forests behind, the landscape opens up and reveals wide fields. These straight and wide dirt paths offer less variety, but they reward hikers with far-reaching views of the surrounding landscape. It is a moment of reflection and immersion in the vastness of nature.

Recommendations for those interested in history

For those with a deeper interest in Roman history, there are other recommended routes in the area. The EifelSpur Silberschatz, the EifelSchleife Westerwelle and Haydn Temple or the Roman Canal hiking trail offer further opportunities to discover the traces of the Romans in the Eifel.

Relaxation and culture

After a strenuous hike, there is nothing better than relaxing in a cozy café. The Hühnerstall Café is one such place where you can sit back and reflect on the impressions of the hike. For those who want to take it easy, the nearby Steinfeld Monastery is worth a visit.


The Eifel loop in Roman times offers a unique combination of nature and history. While some sections of the route, especially the middle section, may be less varied, the historical sights and stunning nature more than make up for it. It is a hike that enriches both the body and the mind and offers a deep insight into the history and beauty of the Eifel.