The fascination of hiking in the Upper Middle Rhine Valley

The fascination of hiking in the Upper Middle Rhine Valley

The Upper Middle Rhine Valley, a picturesque area that makes the hearts of hiking enthusiasts beat faster. With its breathtaking landscapes and panoramic views, it is a paradise for those who love nature.

The Rheingoldbogen dream path

The Rheingoldbogen dream trail is one of the most famous hiking routes in this region. With a length of 12.6 kilometers and an altitude difference of 292 meters, it offers hikers a moderately difficult challenge. But what makes this path so special?

The landscape

During the first half of the tour, the route may seem a bit monotonous as it is mainly on gravel paths. But as soon as you reach the Rhine Valley, a completely new world opens up. The view of the big loop near Boppard is simply breathtaking. The lush green of the meadows, the rolling hills and the glittering water of the Rhine form a picture that you won't quickly forget.

The highlights

Away from the gravel paths, there are small paths that lead through nature and offer hikers an authentic natural experience. One of the absolute highlights of the tour are the views, especially when hiking along the vineyards. These moments when you just stop and let the beauty of nature work its magic on you are priceless.

Tips for hikers

If you don't want to walk the entire route of the dream path, there are alternatives. One option would be to only walk the section with the spectacular view of the valley. This part is shorter and offers fewer gravel paths. For those looking for an additional challenge, a combination with the Rheinberger could be a good option.


Hiking in the Upper Middle Rhine Valley is an experience that should not be missed. Despite some monotonous sections, the Rheingoldbogen dream trail offers breathtaking views and unique natural experiences. It is a tour that will delight both beginners and experienced hikers.