The fascination of hiking in the Hunsrück: An experience report

The fascination of hiking in the Hunsrück: An experience report

The mountains are calling and nature beckons with its incomparable beauty. In the heart of the Hunsrück, more precisely in Morbach near Bernkastel-Kues, lies a hiking route that makes the heart of every outdoor enthusiast beat faster: the LandZeitTour dream loop.

A sunny day in the Hunsrück

The sun shines from the sky and bathes the landscape in a warm, golden light. The LandZeitTour dream loop, with a length of 8.1 kilometers and 82 meters in altitude, offers hikers the opportunity to enjoy the beauty of the Hunsrück to the fullest. The route mainly leads through open areas, so you can fully enjoy the sun's rays.

The diversity of the landscape

During the hike you will encounter a mixture of fields, meadows and occasional forest sections. The views are breathtaking and nature is at its best. But it's not just the beauty of the landscape that impresses. It's also the small details, like the informative information boards along the way, that bring hikers closer to the history and special features of the region.

A highlight: the Waldau castle ruins

Shortly before the end of the hike, a special highlight awaits hikers: the Waldau castle ruins. This historical monument tells stories from times long past and offers a fascinating insight into the history of the Hunsrück.


The LandZeitTour dream loop in the Hunsrück is a true experience for every nature and hiking lover. Despite minor criticisms, such as occasional traffic noise, the route impresses with its breathtaking views, the diversity of the landscape and the historical sights. It's a hike that stays in your memory and invites you to come back.