The fascination of hiking: Eifel Loop Via Agrippa

The fascination of hiking: Eifel Loop Via Agrippa

The mountains and valleys are calling! Hiking in the picturesque landscape of the North Eifel offers an incomparable experience for nature lovers. One of the notable routes in this region is the Eifel Loop Via Agrippa.

A look at the route

The Eifel Loop Via Agrippa stretches over an impressive length of 13.3 kilometers and offers hikers the opportunity to experience the beauty of the Northern Eifel in its full splendor. Despite its length, the route is relatively flat, with only 95 meters of elevation gain, making it an ideal choice for beginners and experienced hikers alike.

The effects of nature

Nature can be both beautiful and destructive. Heavy rains recently left their mark in the northern Eifel. The effects of this rain are visible along the route, with roads washed away and bridges destroyed. It is advisable to wait a few months before attempting this route again to ensure that the path is safe and passable.

What the route has to offer

The Eifel Loop Via Agrippa is characterized by its extensive field and meadow sections. Hikers can enjoy the open landscapes, mainly on wide paths. It is important to prepare with adequate sun protection as there is little shade on the route. Light shoes are sufficient as the path is easy to walk and does not require demanding hiking boots. The route is also ideal for walkers with strollers or cyclists, provided the path is in good condition.

The highlights of the route

Although the route can be perceived as somewhat monotonous, the Eifel Loop Via Agrippa still offers some notable highlights. The wide views that offer hikers are breathtaking. Another highlight is the section through the Rotbachtal, which shows the beauty of nature in all its glory.


The Eifel Loop Via Agrippa offers a unique hiking experience in the Northern Eifel. Despite some challenges, such as the impact of recent rains, it remains a route worth exploring. With its wide distant views and the picturesque landscape of the Rotbachtal, it offers hikers the opportunity to enjoy the beauty of nature to the fullest.