The fascination of hiking: discovering the Eifel loop

The fascination of hiking: discovering the Eifel loop

The mountains and valleys, the fresh air and the feeling of freedom - hiking in the mountains is an experience that fascinates many people. Such a hike can be both a challenge and an opportunity for relaxation. There is a special route near Bad Münstereifel, the EifelSchleife, which offers exactly this experience.

The route: Eifel loop around Rupperath

The Eifel loop around Rupperath extends over a length of 6.2 kilometers and takes hikers over around 150 meters in altitude. During the hike you can enjoy the beauty of the Eifel to the fullest. The route offers sections through open terrain as well as through dense forests.

What makes the Eifel Loop so special?

Characteristic of the Eifel Loop are the wide paths that wind through the landscape. These paths are particularly suitable for walkers from the region or for families with strollers. When choosing the time of year, however, you should pay attention to the fact that some paths can be muddy depending on the weather.

Views and sights

A special highlight of the hike are the breathtaking views of the Eifel. When the weather is good, you can enjoy the vastness of the landscape and the beauty of nature to the fullest. Also close to the route is Vans Castle, a historical building that is worth a detour.


The Eifel loop around Rupperath offers a wonderful opportunity to discover the beauty of the Eifel. Although some parts of the route can be a bit monotonous, the breathtaking views and the opportunity to experience nature up close make this hike an unforgettable experience. For everyone who loves the Eifel and hiking, this route is an absolute must.

Hiking in the mountains not only offers physical challenges, but also opportunities for relaxation and reflection. It is an activity that challenges and rewards both body and mind. The Eifel loop around Rupperath is a perfect example of the beauty and fascination of mountain hiking.