The fascination of hiking: discovering the Eifel loop

The fascination of hiking: discovering the Eifel loop

The mountains and valleys, the fresh air and the feeling of freedom – hiking in nature is an incomparable experience for many. The Eifel Loop in particular offers hikers a unique opportunity to enjoy the beauty of nature to the fullest.

A look at the Eifel loop

The EifelSchleife is a picturesque route that stretches over nine kilometers and takes hikers over 107 meters in altitude. During the hike, visitors can enjoy breathtaking views of the region and soak up the soothing sun. It's a cozy place that's perfect for walking.

The paths of the Eifel loop

A characteristic feature of this route are the wide, well-paved paths. They are mostly gravel and offer hikers a comfortable experience. Although the paths offer little variety, the surrounding landscape they traverse is absolutely breathtaking.

Tips for the hike

As much of the route is through open terrain, it is important to focus on sun protection. Much of the route offers little shade, so it is advisable to take sunscreen and a hat. For those wanting to explore the route, sturdy shoes are not essential. A good pair of sneakers is enough.

Additional activities in the area

The EifelSchleife is not just a place for hiking. The region also offers other exciting activities. There is a nature park, a high ropes course and even the opportunity to ride a pony, which is particularly popular with younger visitors.


The EifelSchleife is undoubtedly a place of great natural beauty. The hike offers impressive views and a relaxed atmosphere. Although the trails are wide and less adventurous, the surrounding scenery and additional activities more than make up for it. For those who appreciate the beauty of nature and are looking for a relaxing hike, the Eifel Loop is a must.