The fascination of cave hiking in Neukirchen

The fascination of cave hiking in Neukirchen

The mountains and forests are not only places of peace and relaxation, but also full of adventure and discovery. One such discovery is the cave hike in Neukirchen, a picturesque place in the Amberg-Sulzbacher Land.

The route

The hike covers an impressive distance of 10.3 km and takes hikers over 287 meters in altitude. During the entire hike, participants will be surrounded by the beauty of nature and the fascination of the caves.

Unique caves and rock formations

The special thing about this hike are the many small caves that can be found along the way. Each of these caves has its own story and secrets waiting to be discovered. In addition to the caves, there are also impressive rock formations that offer hikers breathtaking views of the surrounding landscape.

Tips for the hike

To get the most out of this hike, it is advisable to wear sturdy clothing. A helmet with a lamp is also recommended to be able to see better in the caves. For those who want to hike on a weekend, there is a special attraction: the Easter Cave is open on weekends and offers a unique experience for all adventure seekers.


The cave hike in Neukirchen is more than just a simple hike. It is a journey through time to discover the secrets of nature. The combination of picturesque landscapes, impressive caves and rock formations makes this hike an unforgettable experience. It is not only an opportunity to exercise but also to appreciate and respect the wonders of nature.

Although there are many cave hikes, the one in Neukirchen stands out for its uniqueness and beauty. The hike offers a perfect mix of adventure and relaxation and is therefore a must for all nature lovers and adventure seekers.