Discovery of the Rock Garden: A picturesque natural paradise

Discovery of the Rock Garden: A picturesque natural paradise

The mountains and valleys that surround us are not only impressive natural spectacles, but also places full of secrets and stories. One of these special places is the Felsengarten, a hidden gem near Bayreuth.

A walk through the rock garden

Although the rock garden only covers a distance of 2.6 kilometers and has hardly any significant elevation gain, it offers an impressive backdrop. The majestic rock formations that stretch along the trail tell stories of another time. Every stone, every corner of this garden seems to hold a secret waiting to be discovered.

The companions on this journey

You are not alone during this journey of discovery through the rock garden. Nature offers its own accompaniment in the form of birds flying from branch to branch and the gentle rustle of wind blowing through the trees. But human companions can also enrich the experience by sharing their own perspectives and stories.

The highlights of the rock garden

A special highlight of the rock garden is a small grotto that is perfect for a moment of peace and reflection. The rock formations are not only impressive to look at, but also offer numerous opportunities for climbing and exploring. The entire place exudes an almost magical atmosphere that takes the visitor into another world.

A place for everyone

Although the rock garden is more of a walk than a typical hike, it is an excellent excursion destination. It can easily be combined with other activities, such as a visit to nearby museums or galleries. Such a place is suitable not only for experienced hikers, but also for families, couples or individuals who just want to enjoy the beauty of nature.


The Rock Garden is undoubtedly a place of exceptional beauty and tranquility. Despite its proximity to a road, it offers an escape from everyday life and an opportunity to connect with nature. With its impressive rock formations and picturesque landscape, this garden undoubtedly deserves a rating of Good. It is a place that stays in your memory and wants to be visited again and again.