Discovery of the Mühlenweg: A hike through the Bergisches Land

Discovery of the Mühlenweg: A hike through the Bergisches Land

The Bergisches Land, known for its picturesque landscapes and historic trails, offers a variety of hiking trails that will make any outdoor enthusiast's heart beat faster. One of these paths is the Mühlenweg, which leads hikers through 13.5 kilometers of breathtaking nature.

The beginnings of the Mühlenweg

The Mühlenweg begins on wide forest paths and leads through dense forests. Although some parts of the forest appear a little denser due to the abundance of conifers, the trail still offers a pleasant variation between open and wooded sections. After fighting your way through these dense forest areas, you will be rewarded with the sight of a picturesque Protestant village church.

Adventurous trails and natural beauty

After the church, the Mill Trail leads hikers along narrow forest paths that give the feeling of a real adventure. These trails wind along streams and offer a unique natural experience. The sounds of the rippling water and the rustling of the leaves underfoot make these sections a highlight of the tour.

Urban sections and cultural discoveries

While the Mühlenweg mostly leads through nature, there are also sections that go through urban areas. These parts of the path can be asphalted and offer a contrast to the surrounding nature. Although these urban stretches aren't for everyone, they still offer a chance to experience the region's culture and architecture. There are also many restaurants offering local delicacies, which can be a welcome change after a long hike.


The Mill Trail offers a mix of natural beauty and cultural discoveries. While some sections of the trail are paved and pass through urban areas, there are also many sections that pass through dense forests and along streams. This diversity makes the Mühlenweg a unique hiking experience in the Bergisches Land. Despite some urban sections and the fact that the mills are not always easy to spot, the trail still offers many impressive views and experiences. For those looking for a varied hike in breathtaking surroundings, the Mühlenweg in the Bergisches Land is certainly worth considering.