Discover the magic of the Marmagen Nativity Trail in the Eifel

Discover the magic of the Marmagen Nativity Trail in the Eifel

The Eifel, a picturesque region in Germany, is known for its breathtaking landscapes and outdoor activities. One of the special attractions that you shouldn't miss during Advent is the Marmagen Nativity Trail.

A short and comfortable route

The Marmagen Nativity Trail is a short hike of just 4.7 kilometers long, which is perfect for a relaxing afternoon. With an altitude of only 48 meters, this path is also suitable for those who do not hike regularly or have physical limitations.

A path for the whole family

The Nativity Trail is not only family-friendly because of its short distance. The route mainly leads along wide paths that are easy to walk on. This makes it an ideal option for families with children or older family members.

The highlights of the path

During the hike, visitors are accompanied by beautifully designed nativity scenes along the way. These nativity scenes not only give the path its name, but are also a real eye-catcher and give the walk a special atmosphere. In addition to the nativity scenes, there are also other attractions, such as the Matron Shrine, which can be visited towards the end of the trail. For those who would like to take a break, there is a lovingly decorated hut where you can stay for a while.

Refreshments and further tips

After the hike or in between, there are a few places to stop for refreshments in Marmagen. A particularly recommended café is Café Milz. For art lovers, there is a house with impressive wood carvings to discover on Buschstraße.


The Marmagen Nativity Trail in the Eifel is more than just a hike. It is an experience for all senses. The combination of nature, art and culture makes this trail a must for anyone visiting the Eifel during Advent. Although the path is wide and easy, it still offers enough to delight visitors and give them an unforgettable experience.