Asshole angle - what is that? Does that really exist?

The Anna via ferrata, which is also located in the Dachstein. Image source:

When you look at the hiking map, some of you will probably have noticed some amusing mountain names. This also includes the asshole angle, which leaves a lot of room for interpretation with its name. But what exactly is the asshole angle all about and how did it get its very unusual name?


What is the asshole angle?

The asshole angle is a mountain area located in the Austrian Salzkammergut at the foot of the Dachstein massif and south of the Zwölferkogel. At a height of almost 1,800 m above the sea floor, it gives you a fantastic view of the surrounding mountain landscape when the weather is good. By the way, you can only find the name of the asshole angle in old hiking maps: In newer maps, the name asshole angle for the hiking area has disappeared.

In older hiking maps, such as this hiking map from the Alpine Club from 1915, the asshole angle is still shown. But how did this name actually come about? Image source:


How did the asshole angle get its name?

How did the asshole angle get its name? If you want to clarify the origin of the name, you will quickly come across an old legend from the 19th century. At that time, the Austrian territories were surveyed by surveyors of the Austro-Hungarian Empire, also under the Austro-Hungarian Empire. u.k. Monarchy known, recorded and mapped. Their goal was, in addition to measuring the landscape, to also ensure that each parcel of land had an appropriate name. In order to clarify the names of all parts of the landscape, the locals were often interviewed several times, although they were also unclear about the exact names. According to legend, at some point the local residents were very annoyed by the surveyors' questions, so they simply came up with random names that were adopted by the surveyors without further question. It is believed that this is how the asshole angle got its name.

By the way, the asshole angle is not an isolated case. A closer look at the hiking maps will certainly make you laugh. For example, you can also find a “Metzenarsch”, “Hairy Back” or the “Bscheißer”.


A hiking tour to the arsehole corner

If you decide on a hiking route to the arsehole angle, we can give you a rough description of the route here, which starts at the Gjaid Alm. The Gjaid Alm is located approx. 2.2 km as the crow flies southeast of the asshole angle. The route now starts from the Alm towards the Zwölferkogel - the Arschlochwinkel is then between the Brenntenkogl and the Zwölferkogel.