Animals in the forest - A different encounter

Tiere im Wald - Eine andere Begegnung

Animals in the forest delight our hearts and make our hike or tour something special. The bigger the animal, the more impressive we remember it. With this article I would like to take a different look at some animals, because animals are closer to us than we think and they can also be a support to us in our current life situation. No matter how big or small an animal is, that is only its external appearance. Big or small is an assessment of us humans, and it has no meaning for the animal and its spiritual power itself.

I'll now take you on a little journey to the animals in the forest to learn to see them with different eyes. You will experience characteristics and values ​​that these animals live to perfection.

Let the animals in the forest speak the same way


The ant

We find ants everywhere, we usually don't even notice them unless a large ant hill catches our eye. What we see is the exercise of a life's task. The ant symbolizes community and cohesion, strength and endurance, hard work and discipline, but also joy and harmony.

The ant asks: Do you enjoy your work and do you make a contribution to the community?


The Spider

Spiders also come in a thousand varieties and live practically everywhere. Whether you like them or not, they are amazing creatures and have many positive qualities. The spider always sets about building a new orb web when the old one has been destroyed by human or animal enemies.She tirelessly creates new networks, continually reorients herself, and approaches her task of remaining agile and achieving balance with great patience and confidence.The spider asks: Are you ready to change direction if you stray from your path?


The Beetle

Beetles can be very stubborn. This is evident in their hard shell and also in their behavior when they repeatedly appear where they catch our attention. Beetles are resourceful, determined and persistent. They follow their inner call and are pioneers in self-determination and ingenuity.

The beetle asks: Will you let yourself be guided and wait to see what life gives you at the right time?


The Mouse

The little nimble mouse has to rely entirely on her good sense and skill, because many hunters are waiting for her. The power of community gives her support and security. The mouse is modest, very patient, agile and has a talent for improvisation, as it masters many difficult situations with its creative ideas.The mouse asks: Body size is not the deciding factor. Do you trust your abilities?


The Beaver

A builder and visionary, a designer par excellence. He courageously and persistently implements his plans. The beaver lets what flows flow. He protects his community with foresight, flexibility, adaptation and care. He is constantly working and changing and diving into deep waters.

The beaver asks: How flexible are you and open to unexpected possibilities?


The Hare

Caution is a vital virtue for the hare, which nature sent into the world as a defenseless and gentle creature.He lives in harmony with the world. He relies on his intuition, his keen senses and his speed. Soft and fluid, he adapts to his surroundings and is extremely attentive. The rabbit as a spiritual being can lead us into the intuitive depths of our soul.

The hare asks: Do you feel safe in the world and trust the strength that carries you?


The Fox

His special eyes with vertical pupils radiate a magical power that make him a mediator between the worlds of the material and the spiritual. He is said to have emotional intelligence, cleverness and adaptability. The fox knows when to retreat and when to become active.

The fox asks: What skills made you a winner or got you out of trouble?


The squirrel

It defeats gravity and fear. His nature is forward-looking and persistent, skillful and full of self-confidence. It doesn't despair, it doesn't struggle, it doesn't hesitate to take the next leap. It masters its challenges with ease and joy of life.

The squirrel asks: Do you remember who you want to be and who you really are?


The deer

The rare sight of a deer in a forest clearing is very touching. Strong in its presence, it still appears gentle, shy, innocent and radiates a delicate beauty. It likes to retreat to safe locations because it has no defense other than its speed and excellent sense of smell to detect enemies. The deer stands for grace, love, joy of the heart, lightness and complete trust in life.

The deer asks: Do you stay true to yourself, even in bad situations?


The deer

Encountering a deer is a special moment. His natural strength and the gentleness of his disposition create his innocent beauty. Transformation and renewal is the nature of the deer. He wears his antlers with dignity and pride, shedding them when the time comes, trusting that they will always be new. He moves in the flow of life and surrenders to change.

The deer asks: Are you ready to accept the constant change within you?


The woodpecker

We usually hear woodpeckers first before we see one, and all the other animals in the forest hear them too. The woodpecker shows an impressive amount of energy to implement its plans.He taps the bark of a tree persistently and powerfully. The holes, some of which are huge, serve not only to search for and eat food but also as a breeding cave and winter quarters. The woodpecker repeatedly uses drumming to communicate with members of its species and to attract the right partner into its life.The woodpecker stands for hard work, cheerfulness, joy of life, love and loyalty.

The woodpecker asks: Your heart energy attracts what you radiate. Do you feel the love within you?


The buzzard

It usually stays calm and alert high up in a tree or confidently hovering in the sky. He observes the smaller animals in the forest and in the fields.

Watching a flying buzzard elevates ourselves. His majestic gliding, his vigilance, his foresight and speed fascinate us, and we feel the feeling of freedom in our veins. The buzzard also symbolizes change, new beginnings, confidence, protection and loyalty in the partnership.

The buzzard asks: How flexible are you and how do you trust your inner voice?


If this short introduction to some of the animals in the forest has helped you to have a new perception of encounters with animals on your tours, I am very pleased. We are mostly in nature to switch off and recharge our batteries. This is exactly what animals also contribute to if we are open and mindful, use our senses and give our minds a break.


About me: My name is Astrid Ryzek and I started my website Rapunzel-Lounge about 10 years ago. I was always looking for the meaning of life and why I am actually here. Being creative is my elixir of life, whether I'm painting or writing. But that was not all. The meaning behind it has always magically attracted me. This is how the animals became power animals.

I invite you to the to browse. Maybe you will find your spirit animal here or simply a strength-giving animal that strengthens you. Whether text or image, let it have an effect on you and integrate it into your life. It will give you impulses if you are open and ready for it.