8 funny mountaineers and climbers sayings

The combination of breathtaking scenery and honest effort makes mountaineering an activity worth sharing with friends and family. And what better way to lift the mood during a challenging climb than a good joke? Here are 10 mischievous mountain sayings that are sure to brighten up your next mountain trip.

  1. "What is the name of a Chinese mountaineer? Hung On The Slope."

  2. "What is white and rolls up the mountain? An avalanche with homesickness."

  3. "He doesn't do anything, he just wants to climb."

  4. "There are 2 types of people: mountaineers and those who would like to be mountaineers."

  5. "I was normal before I became a mountaineer."

  6. "A day without climbing is like... I have no idea. How should I know?"

  7. "What is green and climbs up the mountain? A mountaineer in a cucumber costume."

  8. "Mountaineering is easy. It's like falling, only backwards and upwards."

Finally, we hope that these humorous mountain sayings have inspired you and will enrich your next mountain tour. Because no matter how challenging the climbing may be, a good joke can help lift the mood and make the adventure even more unforgettable.