7 funny snowboarder sayings

Gliding over the glittering snow, the freedom of the mountains and the cool, clear air - snowboarding is not just a pastime, it is a way of life. And what would this passion be without humorous and at the same time inspiring sayings? Here are seven sayings that will make every snowboarder's heart beat faster.

  1. "The slopes are my office and snow is my writing paper."

  2. "If you're looking for me, I'm down the mountain!"

  3. "Broken bones heal, but pride remains forever."

  4. "My snowboard understands me."

  5. "Snow is just frozen water, right? How hard could that be?"

  6. "I didn't fall, it was just extremely aggressive snow contact!"

  7. "Snowboarding: The Art of Landing on Your Face in Style."

The words that humorously highlight the joy, thrill and beauty of snowboarding are the essence of the sport. Each saying has its own charm and expresses the audacity and love of life of snowboarders. Whether you're at home on the slopes or just ready to embark on an adventure, these sayings capture the soul of snowboarding and might inspire you too. Enjoy the winter, the slopes and the incomparable feeling of defying gravity - and always have a safe ride!