7 funny racing cyclist sayings

The joy of riding, the smell of fresh asphalt, the feeling of having the wind in your face - racing cycling is more than a sport, it's a lifestyle. But what would this lifestyle be without the humorous sayings that perfectly capture the character of racing cyclists? Here are 7 sayings that express this special spirit.

  1. "Shut up Legs".

  2. "No mercy for the calf."

  3. "I hate it when I get flashed while racing my bike."

  4. "Why do I drive without a battery? Because I can."

  5. "Headwinds are getting on my nerves."

  6. "One of us drives faster than you."

  7. "Those who brake later are faster for longer."

The joy of racing bikes is reflected not only in the speed at which we race down the road, but also in the words we share along the way. Each of these sayings expresses the essence of the sport, and each has its own charm. Whether you're an experienced road cyclist or just starting out, these sayings are sure to bring a smile and maybe even spark an inspiring conversation on your next ride.