5 reasons for hiking in Austria

5 Gründe fürs Wandern in Österreich

Your first climax.

Do you remember?

When you first reached the summit? When you looked over the vastness of the mountains for the first time?

When your pulse was at 200 from happiness and exhaustion.

I remember it well.

And I remember even more that I always had difficulty with one thing: the decision between mountains and sea.

We discussed, argued and complained - until we finally drove back to the sea.

Do you feel the same way?

In any case, I have now established two simple rules for vacation.

  1. Hiking has many highlights.
  2. Not so difficult by the sea - rarely empty.

I copied the following decision-making aids from the best survival experts and mountaineers and refined them for hiking trips.

When you're planning your next hiking trip to Austria, remember the following 5 tips:


Less equipment is easier on the stomach

Between setting up tents on my own, I stare in horror at the price.

Do they want to screw me over?

For a simple tent - not a house?

“This is our expert tent. The messenger has already dismantled that.“

My hand juggles and balances a knife, a Bunsen burner, the “equipment,” the retrofitting.

My travel companion groans softly in annoyance:

“Are you sure?” in your ear.

I nod frantically:

“Of course - you never know,”

The cash register flashes, the wallet becomes as light as a feather.The backpack with airbag saves me from falling into the gorge.

It's my first time after all.

Target: The Salzburger Land -

Precisely Niedernsill.

From there, hike a small starter lap to the Groß Glockner-

Uh no, it's for professionals.

My equipment is for my profile, because hiking soles stay with your lasts. We start in Rauris.

An insider tip for all #nature lovers - bring along for the family.

The valley of the springs saves the water haulers the load and me the cans of beans.

Better have a meal with Hermann.

#Naturfreundehaus Kolm Saigurn (https://www.sonnblickbasis.at/)

And if you want to boot the Glockner afterwards - please do.

This valley is a wonderful starting point for starting hiking and in winter ice climbing is not the hype.

Learned - dragging less is better!


Austria the water manifesto while hiking

“No cable car leads to the highest peaks,” says Reinhold Messner.

 Too bad!

Or what do you mean?

Of course the mountain is calling!

The path and you -

Your body, your pain,

the knees, the tension….

Maybe you held the electric fence too long.

Or the cow on the mountain pasture bit you in the butt,

Why do you want to voluntarily climb 3000 meters?

Because of the quality selection of ski water?

My all-DAY-life sport in 6 letters:



Gasps for air.

My travel companions look like BALLEY hikers.

Delicate jets with a pinch of power.

A 9 year old passes me at 8 km/h, laughing and talking.

Take a breath and they're gone.

Why did I want to look at the gentian up close?

I train meaning questions, the “here and now” during the ascent and descent.

An “I dream with my eyes open” can cost you your life.

And if it should be less, then just the torn ligament.

We dive into the Hacklsee.

Feel the ice-cold water, it makes our skin shiver.

During the descent we rested on the Schaumbergalm.

So original, so magical -

A must for milk drinkers.

For music lovers, guitar and duets - traditionally performed.

You can't get more Austrian feeling.


They still bite with mosquito spray

My sweat drips burning into my eyes.I didn't want the 80's.


doesn't suit me.

Wear a fashionable headscarf,

But at 30 degrees +, a small waterfall rolls down your body uphill.

Deodorant - failed.

While the smell of mosquito spray hangs in your nose,

The mosquitoes stick to the body.

Ouch – shitxxx got bitten again.

Tip: Buy the AntiBrammSpray, which is also recommended for trips to Sweden, otherwise they will still bite you.

Functional shirt?

A must-have!

Remember men, it's better to tape your nipples when it's wet, otherwise it will rub everything on you.

Long sleeves protect against sunburn, ticks and the direct attack of fighting insects.

Take the expensive spray straight away.


Nature encourages your voice - or how your primal scream frees you.

Are there toilets when hiking?


Nature gives – nature gives.

Sit behind the bush.

Two big eyes suddenly look into mine.

“Help a bear!”

Screaming, I run out from behind the bush with my pants on at half past seven.

Take a breath. Not a strange spectator in sight.

Unknown animal disappeared.

Short sensory feedback:

“We’re not in Yosemite, ha ha”

The one where the brown bears are waiting for you on every corner.

In Austria you will meet the fox, the chamois, the ibex and the marmot greets you every day.


Eat only when it is quick and easy

Every bean stinks...ah sounds!

Gas stove, cartridge and the can with the beans in the Rucki.

Nice hut tour.

I have studied the design of all canned beans for long enough

until I started the cooking mode.

Hello!!! Austria,  huts, alpine pasture!!!

Save the stove,

Read the Google reviews and have fun together.

For example on the

Gleiwitzer Hütte.


At the end of the vacation I realize:

In 14 days in Bergen you will be fitter than with your fitness subscription.

If you don't have an injury yet, you bump your head while loading the car and ask yourself quietly and firmly

 “How can you flatten mountains?”

 With the hill iron🤪

 On that note, have a good trip!


About the author:

Anne-Kathrin Hoffman-Quittek is a favorite “please-to-the-sea” traveler and “exceptional hiker”, but still willing to take the high-altitude paths,-) In her professional life she is a singer/songwriter and coach. She released her album Friedensbombe in 2021 under the stage name ANNA. Her new album “ANNA – Pure” is expected to be released in 2022. As a voice coach, she supports her clients in expressing themselves and feeling comfortable with their voice. As a Coach she accompanies people and shows them how they can regain their strength. You can find more information at www.stimme-und-klang.de.