11 funny cyclist sayings

The scent of nature, the sun on your face, the soothing sound of the rotating wheels on the asphalt - cycling is more than exercise, it is a feeling of adventure. But what would this passion be without a humorous approach to the pitfalls of sport? Here are 11 sayings that put the fun of cycling into words and express the lively spirit of the cycling community.

  1. "Why do I drive without a battery? Because I can."

  2. "I'm rarely without a bike."

  3. "Calves instead of loading."

  4. "Condition instead of electricity."

  5. "Just one more curve."

  6. "I know an abbreviation."

  7. "No mercy for the calf."

  8. "Good bike is expensive."

  9. "If you don't swear, you're not driving at the limit."

  10. "It'll go down faster then."

  11. "I don't need therapy, I just need to ride my bike."

So there you have it, the 11 sayings from the mouths of passionate cyclists. They express the passion and dedication for this sport in a humorous way and infect every fellow cyclist. Whether you have already cycled many kilometers or are just starting to pedal, these sayings should make you smile and maybe even inspire a conversation or two on your next bike tour.